Hello students,
Thank you very much to those few of you who sent me their exercises but I am still waiting for more e mails from the rest of the students. Most of you did very well!! You will receive my comments mostly by VIBER (some of you have already received my answers). Here are some more revision exercises.
Student’s Book
Page 53 exercise 8 and 10. In ex 8 you can underline the changes which you find in the two postcards.
Page 57 exercise 3 and 4. You can use some expressions from ex. 2 to write your postcard.
Page 59 Activities A,B,C.
Some words that you may not know: page 53 gallery= πινακοθήκη, curator=έφορος μουσείου,
military procession=στρατιωτική πομπή, precious stones=πολύτιμες πέτρες, to queue up for ages = περιμένω στην ουρά για ώρες, in advance= εκ των προτέρων
Page 57 to the best of my knowledge=από όσο γνωρίζω
Page 59 fossils=απολιθώματα, artifacts=χειροποίητο αντικείμενο,τεχνούργημα,coins= νομίσματα
Hope to hear from you soon,
Take care,
Your English teacher,

B Gymn English