Hello students,
I hope you are all doing well. I have received some e mails and viber messages from some students but Ι am expecting more answers from the rest of C class students. I hope to hear from all of you soon.

Here are some more exercises from your Workbook.

Page 69 Activity 1 A – write the words in three groups (nouns-ουσιαστικά, adjectives-επίθετα, verbs- ρήματα)
and 1 B (complete the sentences using the words from Activity 1 A),
Activity 2 A (από τις παρακάτω λέξεις γράψτε ουσιαστικά προσθέτοντας την κατάλληλη κατάληξη)
Page 70 Activity 3 A -write about what the colours of the national flag of Iceland symbolize
and 3 B (only read the text)
Page 71 Activity 3 C – write about what the colours of our national flag symbolize.

Some words that you may not know.(Λεξιλόγιο)

Influence -επηρεάζω, επιρροή
αiry -ευάερος,αέρινος
recognize -αναγνωρίζω
classy -σικάτος, κλασάτος
mixture- μείγμα
colorants –χρωστική ουσία, βαφή, χρώμα
primary –πρωταρχικός, βασικός
exploit -εκμεταλλεύομαι
upbeat –ευδιάθετος, χαρούμενος
balance- ισορροπία, ισορροπώ
cosy -άνετο
judge –κρίνω, δικαστής
individuality – ατομικότητα, προσωπικότητα
trigger -σκανδάλη, πυροδοτώ, προκαλώ, προξενώ
optimist – αισιόδοξος
inspire – εμπνέω
enthuse – ενθουσιάζω
Student’s book – page 76 Task 1 and Task 2 . Read the text and answer the questions.

Please send me your questions if there is something you do not understand.
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Γ’ Γυμν. Αγγλικά