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Let’s continue our Italian Renaissance journey. Read the text about Sandro Botticelli on page 43 and complete the sentences below about his life and artistic work. You can learn more about Botticelli from the link below https:/historylink101.com/art/Sandro_Botticelli/bio_Botticelli.htm (adapted text).
I hope you enjoy doing the quiz from the link below to find out how much you know about the Italian Renaissance.
Some words that may help you undersatand the text on p.43 better.
tanner – βυρσοδέψης, δερματουργός.
goldsmith – χρυσοχόος
evolve -εξελίσσομαι
distinct -ξεχωριστός distinction – διάκριση, αριστείο
detached from -αποστασιοποιημένος,αποκομμένος
calumny -συκοφαντία, διαβολή
crucifixion – σταύρωση
communion – Θεία Κοινωνία
nativity – γέννηση
unaccomplished -incomplete, unfinished,ανολοκλήρωτος
contemporary – σύγχρονος
esteem – εκτιμώ, υπολήπτομαι
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