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Let’s move on to chapter 9 and William Shakespeare’s well known play The Merchant of Venice. I hope that some of you may have watched the movie based on Shakespeare’s work with Al Pacino playing the role of Shylock.
The Merchant of Venice is a 16th-century play written by William Shakespeare between 1596 and 1598, centered around love, money, prejudice and social injustice.
Watch the «monologue of Shylock» from William Shakespeare’s «Merchant of Venice» on You Tube, directed by Michael Radford, with the leading role performed by Al Pacino and do exercise 1 on page 142 and after watching the same scene for a second time do exercise 2 on page 143. Then having watched the scene for the third time do exercise 3 on page 144 –read the «monologue of Shylock» below and find some differences between the English of Shakespeare’s time and modern English.(You can underline the «different» words)
I hope you enjoy reading the excerpt from Shakespeare’s play and find the tasks interesting. I am expecting your answers and your questions at 00306993892052 VIBER or e mail kostsam3@gmail.com
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