Hello students,
How are you doing? I have received some e mails and viber messages from some students ( I thank them very much) but what about the rest of C class students? Easter holidays have not started yet, have they? I hope to hear from all of you soon.
Here are some more English exercises for you.
Student’s Book
Page 71 Activities A,B,C.Page72 -D,E.
Page 74 Read the short text about colours in Task 1 and say if you agree or disagree.
Page 77 Read the texts A,B,C in task 1 and match the titles to the paragraphs then answer the questions in task 2
Page 79 Task 1 you can answer the questions orally=προφορικά.But please write your answers in Task 3 using the modal verbs could=θα μπορούσε, should=θά πρεπε, might=ίσως να μπορούσε, must=πρέπει. In task 4 you complete the sentences using the same modal verbs, both positive and negative (must or mustn’t). If you have any questions please ask!
A writing task. Write a paragraph about your favourite colour, why you like it, how it makes you feel,do you like wearing this colour or do you prefer it in your environment?You can find some more information about your colour on the internet.
I hope you enjoy doing this task.
I am looking forward to your e mails and messages at 00306993892052 and kostsam3@gmail.com
All the best to everybody,

Γ’ γυμνασίου Αγγλικά