Hello students,
I hope you are all doing well and with so much free time on your hands you would be happy to do some more English tasks.
I was glad to have received some messages and emails from some A class students. I was happy to find out that most of you did very well, almost excellent! I am still waiting for more students to send me their exercises soon.
During one of our last lessons before school closed we had a conversation about the importance of animals for people throughout human history. On page 48 (your School book Αγγλικά 1) you will find some questions in Task 1 that will help you think about the various purposes that people use animals for and whether the way we treat animals is always the right one. You can write about your thoughts on this topic in a short paragraph of 5, 6 sentences (or longer). Read the text on page 49 and do the exercises 4, 5 and 6 on pages 50, 51 and 52.
Some words that you may not know: stroke =εγκεφαλικό , lack= στερούμαι , resources=πόροι , guidelines =κατευθυντήριες γραμμές , generate=παράγω , awareness=συνειδητοποίηση , sufficiently= επαρκώς ,αρκετά, introduce=εισάγω , procedure=διαδικασία , breeding=ανατροφή, αναπαραγωγή , are launched=ξεκίνησαν , reveal= αποκαλύπτω , replacement=αντικατάσταση , reduction=μείωση , robust= εύρωστος , ρωμαλέος, insight= διορατικότητα,επίγνωση , scrutiny=προσεκτική εξέταση, refinement= λεπτότητα , funding=χρηματοδότηση , culminate =κορυφώνομαι , pinpoint= εντοπίζω, προσδιορίζω.
I hope to recieve more answers this time,if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.
All the best to all of you,
T. Routi

A’ Λυκείου Αγγλικά