Hello students,
I hope you are all doing well. Thank you to those few who sent me their tasks, I enjoyed reading them!
I am still waiting for the rest of B class students’ answers!
I hope that you would like to do some more English tasks since you have so much free time on your hands!
I think you will be fascinated by some more information about Leonardo Da Vinci in the short text DID YOU KNOW… on page 39. You can then read about another giant artist of the Renaissance period – Michelangelo on page 40 and 41. You can also watch a documentary about his life on youtube The Michelangelo Code and write an essay about what impressed you the most.
Some words on p.40 that you may not know: magistrate=δικαστής, apprentice=μαθητευόμενος, τσιράκι, patron of the arts=προστάτης των τεχνών, expel=αποβάλλω,εκδιώκω, summon= καλώ, commission=αναθέτω,p.39 trunk= κορμός δέντρου, reignite= ξανανάβω, αναζωπυρώνω.
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.
I am looking forward to your answers,
Take care and stay safe,
All the best to everybody,
T. Routi

B Lykeiou English